Cruz Cambranes


Death is a part of life. In fact, in some Mesoamerican cultures, life is described as a dream, and what happens after death is the person’s awakening from that sleep. In Christianity today, we are led to believe that if we do good things and follow Christ, we will go to a beautiful upper world …
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Sir Edward Gerald Hawkesworth, K.C.M.G., M.C.

Sir Edward Gerald Hawkesworth, K.C.M.G., M.C. (B:16th August 1897 – D:14th August 1949) Was appointed the governor and commander in chief of British Honduras and had succeeded Sir. John A. Hunter K.C.M.G from January 14th 1947 to June 1948. When he retired due to poor health, Sir Ronald H. Garvey succeeded him. Sir Hawkesworth dedicated …
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