Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic

The Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic (BWRC) is a registered non- profit animal welfare organization that operates country-wide in Belize. BWRC provides free medical care to injured, orphaned, neglected or otherwise imperiled wildlife. Medical care is provided at their veterinary clinic in Central Farm, Cayo District, by their staff of veterinarians and technicians. Wildlife patients are treated at BWRC, where they may undergo medical treatment and possibly rehabilitation prior to being returned to the wild.

BWRC’s mission is to support wildlife conservation, animal health and welfare, and the veterinary profession in Belize through medical services, education, research, and collaboration. BWRC’s logo was inspired by Spartacus, a very special howler monkey that was found alone under a tree, surviving a predator attack, with his hands almost entirely detached. This event was the final push which motivated Dr. Isabelle and Justin Ford to open BWRC in 2012.

The founder, Dr Isabelle Paquet Durand, is a Wildlife Veterinarian who has provided pro-bono care to wildlife for 20 years, 13 of those in Belize. BWRC is the only Wildlife Veterinary Clinic in Belize and the only veterinary clinic with x-ray and gas anesthesia machines. BWRC caters to both domestic and Wildlife patients, with the main focus on wildlife.  Since 2012, BWRC has seen approximately 500 wildlife patients from all over the country.



BWRC provides educational outreach to the Belizean public, primarily to inform the public about ways to avoid human wildlife conflict and what to do if they discover a wild animal in trouble. Many human-wildlife conflicts can be prevented with very simple measures. Educate yourself and others more about wildlife and how we humans can peacefully and safely share and enjoy the environment.

Many animals such as raccoons or opossums come out at night in search for food. You can prevent them from bothering you and your property by keeping your trash cans completely shut and making sure no food remains outside, keeping small pets in a protected and secure area, and keeping trees and small bushes around your house trimmed to leave no easy access to your roof.



Remember, all wildlife in Belize is protected by law and should not be molested, harassed, captured or killed. We want to preserve our wildlife for future generations and for the economic benefit of our country .Most importantly, you need to remember to immediately get help from professionals when you have a problem with wild animals. You can call the Forest Department or BWRC 615-5159 at any time to report problems with wildlife, or an injured animal.

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