Sports Day

For the past weeks we have seen children from different schools visiting marketplaces, factories, sanctuaries and many tourist destinations, all part of the Education Week here in Belize. This week in particular is Education week, all leading up to Friday, which is Teachers Day, a day teachers are given a break from regular classes and participate in activities planned for them either at national, branch or school level.  It applies to all teachers from primary school and secondary schools and normally they use this day to go on a day or weekend trip organized by themselves or their school administration. Teachers work very hard on the days leading up to Teachers day, planning trips, writing end of year exams,  but today is Sports Day at least for the children of Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio.

Being there made me remember the sports day I had as a child.  I must say I had forgotten all about the games we played, so I really enjoyed being out there. I was really good at the 100 yard dash and lime and spoon.  For some reason, I was always placed at the end of the rope on tug o’ war game probably due to my height.  In a very similar fashion, as we were in our days, the kids today were color coded with blue, green, red and orange, each color had boys and girls teams. Today’s events started about the same time as regular school hours.  They all met at the school grounds then the standard 3, 4, 5 and 6 levels walked to the Norman Broaster Stadium in downtown San Ignacio, while the younger levels went to the basketball court in Falcon Field. 

The games that were played this morning were orange and bucket, lime and spoon, 3 legged race, sack race, relay race and tug o’ war, but more games continued in the afternoon. So down below you will find pictures of the games and kids having fun. I also would like to say Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers of all schools in the country of Belize.  Enjoy your day; you have earned it. Thanks for being awesome.  Keep doing the great job of educating our children. 

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