Christmas in Cayo

When it comes to Christmas in Belize, we certainly do it big! It’s a time that Belizeans do home improvement; this can be making an addition to their homes, painting the house or fence, wash and clean the windows, even power wash pathways, all to get it ready for the season. Many of us decide to purchase a new sofa set or dinning set, electronics, kitchen appliances or even washers and dryers. Economists say that during the second week in December, Belizeans spend the most money. I could compare this time to the American Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas all in one. In the past, nativity scenes were what people did, some being very detailed; but as time progressed, likely because of media, Christmas trees became more popular and so did that jolly happy man known as Santa. As a child, my parents arranged and decorated real pine trees. The scent of pine in the house was amazing. They would also decorate the house with lights. As time went by, more and more Belizeans caught on to this activity. Later came the introduction of artificial or plastic pine trees now widely used, likely because it’s more economic, convenient and, why not, it saves a lot of our pine trees!

There are many Christmas activities I can speak of, from the delicious meals such as bollos, tamales, ham and stuffing, but for this post, I want to show you how the people of Cayo decorated the exterior of their homes with lights. For the past days, my family and I drove around San Ignacio and Santa Elena looking at houses. Of course, my two-year-old enjoyed it and we had a nice time as a family watching the lights. What we found was that some were very humble, others very extravagant, and sadly many houses never put any Christmas lights at all. Is this because of the economy? Is it because or religious beliefs or lack there of? I can say it was very nice to see those houses with lights on it. It truly brought the happiness of Christmas into our hearts. Everyone did an awesome job decorating their homes. These are a few around San Ignacio and Santa Elena. I wish I could have gotten around to everyone’s house, but you all did a really fine work!

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