CTGA Christmas Dinner

On Friday, 12th December 2014, the tour guides wined and dined at Hode’s Bar and Grill. As a ritual, every end of the year as new board members are elected, we have our Christmas party, a day for tour guides to celebrate being tour guides. Tour guides are the face of Belize; we are the people that introduce international travellers to Belize’s Ancient cities, natural phenomenons, culture and wildlife.

We had a delicious Christmas dinner with ham, baked chicken, stuffing, the full works. Tour guides that excelled during the Tourism Eco Camp were also recognized and awarded a special calendar with the logos of the CTGA and the Eco-camp. The Tour Guide Service award was given to Eric Tut for his unconditional support to the Association throughout the year.  This is the second time this award is given, Herry Pena was the first recipient for his service to the Board.

Below you will find some of the highlights of the event complete with couples portraits and Chris Lowe’s dancing.



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  1. Congratulations on a well-planned dinner. Everything was excellent…the food, the setting, the company… Looking forward to next year. 😉

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