Tourism Eco Camp: Xunantunich

Yesterday was a really nice day. The kids were at Black Rock Lodge and did a few activities there, learning about the water and solar systems. Later they all drove down in a bus and had lunch at Benny’s Kitchen in San Jose Succotz. After lunch they all headed up to the Stone Lady, Xunantunich.

The name Xunantunich was given to the site by the locals of San Jose Succotz, and the origin of the story is a ghostly one. How many of you believe in ghosts? So, back in the 1920’s, a man went up the hill to find something to hunt; he was carrying a riffle. He arrived at the main plaza in front of El Castillo, the tallest building there. Of course, back in those days, there was no clearing so the jungle covered the plaza and the temple building around it. This man said he saw an apparition of a mayan woman and she was dressed in white and had a long gown. He described that this woman walked into a cave in the base of the mountain. Now, remember this was a man with a gun, and he was so scared that he dropped it and ran down the hill. He eventually made it to the river where he crossed on his canoe and went to visit the local Shaman. The Shaman said that it was an evil spirit and that he should not return by himself, and so the Shaman and several other men joined him to retrieve his riffle. When they arrived, they quickly looked around, found his gun and walked to the area where he had seen the woman, but there was no woman and no cave. That’s when everyone said “Xunantunich”, which means “Stone Lady”. During the tourism development project of 2001 to 2004 Jamie Awe, PHD found a stone that gives the site it’s original name, the name ” Kat’Witz ” which means Sacred Mountain.

The kids received a guided tour from Jorge De Leon “Lion”, Alba Tut, and yours truly, Cruz Cambranes. The tour went well, just as planned. The questions certainly poured in. Down below you will find pictures of the tour. We later left the site and went to Nabitunich where they camped for one night. The kids and the camp leaders played a few games of volleyball.
















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  1. very nice work getting the next gen involved. keep up the good work.

    I would like to contact Cruz or Lion for a guided tour in March. If they are not available, can you please recommend and contact info ?

    Mucho Gracias

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