The Count Down has Begun

Within two days, the Tourism Eco Camp is set to begin. Tonight we will have our final meeting to iron out all the details. It is a great feeling to know that what was once a dream is now a reality, and hundreds of hours of planning has now materialized into this Eco Camp. Last week we met with the parents and the kids that will be participating in the camp. We all introduced ourselves and gave them the rundown of how this will all work, but I would like to share with you what exactly we are going to be doing on our first day this Sunday July 27th.


The Tourism Eco Camp was designed as a tour, which is why we decided very early into the planning that we would change the scenery every few days. So the campgrounds are at Black Rock Lodge, Nabitunich, Duploys Jungle Lodge and Crystal Paradise. Thank you very much to these resorts for helping us in various ways, from giving us food and activities to do around the resort, and above all, for hosting us at their beautiful location.

On our first day we will all meet at Hode’s Place. Thanks so much to the staff and management of Hode’s Place as well for hosting our meetings and for having great food and amenities. We will then drive up to Che Chem Ha cave in a bus to see the beautiful cave and ancient pots that have not been moved from where the ancient maya placed them.
We will return and have a delicious lunch at Che Chem Ha. From there everyone is going to hike to the camping grounds at Black Rock. They will have some free time, then it’s games with the counselors and then bedtime. All that is happening on Sunday. We will be bringing you pictures, videos and blog entries, so keep tuned here at and like us on Facebook to see updates of the day to day adventures.



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