Belize Archeology and Anthropology Symposium Starts

The Belize Archeology and Anthropology Symposium gets under way at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel for the next four days. The special topic for Archeology is ‘Ancient Maya Domestic Economy, subsistence commerce and industry. If you can remember, last year’s topic was ‘The Common Household’, therefore this year’s topic follows as a parte dos or part two to last year. It is organized by NICH (National Institute of Culture and History) and by ISCR (Institute for Social and Cultural Research). As of last year, anthropology presentations have been evenly embedded throughout the four days.

I have been going to the symposium for many years, even way back in the days when I had to travel to Belize City and find lodging as it was held at the Princess Hotel and Casino, now the Ramada. For the past few years, the symposium has been held in San Ignacio at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, making it easier for me and many others to attend. Upon arrival, the registration is $10 BZ per day and free for students, in exchange for a wealth of information. I would like to commend the organizers as registration was a breeze and, as always, we are thankful for the agenda, note pads and pens which are so helpful.

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel were also on a mission to finish the bar in time for the BAAS. They went with a very modern look which includes silver walls and a nice touch with two TVs. Long gone are the days of the The Stork Club and its Thursday karaoke. If we recall, the Stork Club was a much larger room and had mixed themes, but mostly a western look. It’s a lounge now, or as they have called it, a ‘lobby bar’ as it has a more fluent transition from the lobby to the bar itself. The San Ignacio Hotel has been undergoing a number of upgrades since September of 2013.




Image by San Ignacio Hotel

Image by San Ignacio Hotel

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    1. Really well done Cruz ! BAAS is such an important event for the Cayo District!! Great Blog and thanks for the mention of SIRH.

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