The Ballots are In

Last night was certainly a very exciting night for the members of the CTGA. We had the chance to elect a new executive board. This year the board decided to change a few things about the CTGA Annual General Meeting. The changes were because having the elections and the formal dinner on the same night does not exactly workout and the night feels rushed. So last night we had the admin elections and next week is the formal dinner. The elections were held at the CET Center for Employment Training. Mr. Anastacio Bol, our treasurer, gave his annual financial report. He mentioned that there was an increase of applicants despite of another association that formed in San Jose Succutz this past year, but that there was a decrease on education expense, which ultimately means we made our money but we didn’t invest that money in educating the youth and he expressed that is one expense that should increase.


After the pervious board was desolved, the meeting proceeded with the elections, with the assistance of Javier Gutierrez. The ballot papers were handed out and the process of nomination started. It was certainly an interesting clash running for the President position, for we had three persons that were presidents before: Joe Awe who has been a president for well over five times, Andy Bahadur who has also served several times, and our outgoing president Emil Gamez, who served for the first time as president but was looking for a reelection. After the ballots were counted, there were some discrepancies and a recount was called. After everything was tallied, the results were very interesting. The battle for presidency was between Mr. Gamez and Mr. Awe, but in the end, Joe Awe won his seat by a very tight margin of five votes and was elected as the new president of the CTGA. The CTGA Executive Board is as follows: Mr. Joe Awe as President, Mr. Eric Tut as Vice President, Mrs. Alba Tut as Secretary, Mr. Anastacio Bol as Treasurer, Mr. Christopher Lowe, Mr. Mario Castellanos and Ms. Kelly Grajales as Board Members. I personally wish them the best in all of their projects for this coming year. It’s no easy job to deal with one hundred and seventy five plus tour guides. We will certainly have great things coming to as Mr. Awe expressed his continued support for our online community.


5 thoughts on “The Ballots are In”
  1. Thanks for you hard work with the online community Cruz. I would like to invite you to our board meetings so you can help us see your vision for the online community which is vital in this day and age!

    1. Hey amigo I would be happy to attend any of the meetings and working with you and the new board, I truly love I this lil project and think there so much more we can do with it.

    1. Hey Cayo Scoop thanks so much for your continued support of sharing our stories and participating on the blog there is no limit on what can be done if we all work together. I certainly see growth for both the Cayo Scoop and the for this coming year.

  2. You are doing a good job Cruz, I’ve been away from the association for a while and glad that I finally can get news of what is recently happening. My problems have been solved health wise and caretaking of my mom since she passed away last year. I am ready now to go back and participate.See you guys soon at next meeting.

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