Anytime is the right time to celebrate

IMG077-1This year, Belizeans surely demonstrated that anytime is the right time to celebrate. With a little humidity blessing us; but surely the patriotic spirits and the need to celebrate outweighed the weather. Supporters came out, along with their umbrellas to take part in the high spirited and joyous festivities. Participants were sure to carry on with their tasks; bands were playing their instruments as loud as they could possibly go. Dancers dancing to the beat of the drums. Tumblers, which have been absent for a few years, made their presence in this year’s parade. An invasion of heartily clowns made their way through the streets of San Ignacio and Santa Elena handing out candy and smiles, brightening the hearts of both our young and elder Belizeans.

Hand-cranked bicycle

Vehicles of all sizes, lit with the colors of the Belizean flag cruised down the streets as well. Even a self-made hand cranked bicycle was presented, with its conductor and its mini passenger. A spectacular idea and first ever seen addition to the annual Independence parade.

Cadets and other youths involved in the upbringing and reinforcement of our community displayed their patriotism as well as respect and obedience towards their commanders. Well organized movements and chants were displayed, some that made the spectators merry. The youths performed push-ups for the crowd and pledge to the safe upbringing of the country, which was transferred like an electric wave towards the multitude of people viewing them.

IMG073-1 IMG074-1 IMG083-1

All in all the rain was unable to cease the Belizean vibes. Supporters and participants came out to celebrate Belize’s 32 years of Independence, as the theme states “Belize in you, Belize in me, Land of the free.” We are all Belize and therefore we shall come hand in hand and fight for the betterment of Belize. Protect and preserve our children for they are the future of Belize, our elders are the foundation and our community and resources are our home. BELIZE a country of hope and prosperity.

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