The Passion of the Christ

On Good Friday i was lucky that I did not have to work and could have attend the Good Friday events hosted by the Sacred Heart Parish Church in San Ignacio Town. For weeks now i could have heard members of the church practicing their lines and acting during the night time so i knew it would have been a good. I had missed the previous year so did not know what to expect. I arrived in time to see the trial and the lashings (all fake out course) but people could not help putting their hands over their face and heart. The procession of Jesus carrying the cross started through the streets of San Ignacio and Santa Ellena returning to the church and then crucifixion and finalized with the burial of Christ. So here are some pictures and a slideshow video i made enjoy.{%2210151595120237433%22%3A116774838515947}&action_type_map={%2210151595120237433%22%3A%22yt-fb-app%3Aupload%22}&action_ref_map=[]

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