Uncovering Cahal Pech Part 1

For the past few weeks I have observed that excavations had started at the site of Cahal Pech, so today I had a chance to go and do Some investigations of my own. Cahal Pech has been heavily excavated for the past 60 years or so, but since 2011 excavations have unearthed large portions of the site that were covered with soil and trees, particularly the triadic winged temple located on the eastern side B1, B2 and B3. In 2011, we saw the restoration of B1 temple and it’s north wing, B2. In 2012 we then saw the restorations of B3 and the rear of B1, exposing the rear stairway, which was a surprise. In 2013, there were several investigations on plaza A. This project is being done under the BVAR flag. I marked areas that are currently being investigated click HERE FOR MAP.

I met with Jorge Can, from N.I.C.H, and had a long conversation about the excavations. He is currently working on the structures B6 and B7,which is the long building as you enter the site from its northern entrance. They will only restore the base level since the top of the buildings are deteriorated and would need more time. From observation, something that caught my eye was the stairs. There are two staircases, one that leads to the top of B6 and another to B7. The stairway to B6 is quite wide but, as expected, very much so as those found on plaza A. However, the staircase leading to B7 is of a very interesting style. I have seen this style at the Caracol site but it’s still different as if it’s a gradual climb to B7. This long building is likely a residential or administrative building.


The audiencia building is also being renovated. This building is one of the many icons of the west. The structure is located on the site west of plaza B, which has the roof and shows the corbeled arch and ranks very high on the wedding destinations list of places to get married. A few years back, during the mid 90’s restorations done by the archeologist, he who shalt not be named, may have been gotten confused with the terminal and classic phase of the stairway and it just didn’t come out right. You can tell it had a big hump in the middle. Using evidence of the terminal phase, it will now be restored to that time period. Behind this building, the floor or rather the entire corridor of A6 is also being excavated some few rooms can already be seen.


Stay tuned, as yet another burial was found on temple B1. The building has certainly thrown lots of surprises at us. With this burial, it takes us up to number thirteen. I will tell you all about it in the Part 2 post. Oh, and more news, Cahal Pech will get its webpage possibly by the end of this coming week.

2 thoughts on “Uncovering Cahal Pech Part 1”
  1. Very nice Cruz this web site would have been done when you were president But as usual the rest of the crew neglected it. Way to go good to see we have a web site now. By the way I have the pictures of the guides working on the float for September that time. I can let you have it. Let me know. Seems that Cahal Pech will be the place to visit.

    1. Would have been difficult when i was president cuz we had so much to plan for but now i can dedicate a lot if time for it the technology had evolved and is lot easier now to write. I would love those pictures I’ll try to get it from you.

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