One Christmas Day

Christmas Day is certainly a great time to spend with the family watching classic movies or hosting a party with enough food to feed fifty, and plenty of drinks flowing, but for most tour guides of San Ignacio, our Christmas Day is spent dealing with rustic roads and occasionally rain. Tours leave early to Mayan sites and caves.  I was so very fortunate to have spent it with the Women’s Group of San Antonio, Cayo. This is certainly a great tour and addition to tour packages at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. It gives an insight to the anthropological side of our Mayan history as normally we visit sites and go deep into archeology.  I have always thought that it lacks “daily life” of the Maya.  Continue Reading

Painting the wall

20130910-123642.jpgOn Sunday, I had the opportunity of taking a close-up view of Mr. Pedro Cruz’s mural. It is an amazing art piece which features a collage of historical and wildlife images. It was painted over the welcome sign in San Ignacio. It has images of Cahal Pech, maya masks, and hieroglyphs, as well as wild animals found in the Belizean forests, such as the toucan, tapir, and jaguar. Also depicted are iconic historical and patriotic images like the Belizean Flag, the classic 21 September 1981 emblem and the chicle farmers life. It’s not only a mural; it is an experience, something that all Belizeans should see. Continue Reading