Nature at her Best

Ancient Foods – Pacaya

Many times when we think about the ancient foods of the Maya, the first thing that comes to mind is corn, and rightfully so, corn was a major part of the ancient Maya diet, but they did not live on that alone. In fact, their diet was very wide and included a vast variety of plants and animals found in the surrounding forests. This brings us to the following question: Did the Maya clear forests completely? That may be true in the corn fields, but what about closer to their homes? If we visit a house of a present day Maya, we will find a variety of fruit trees, plants used in cooking such as spices or even those used for medicine. I believe that the ancient Maya were no different than what we are today and would have kept some plants around their huts or nearby. Continue Reading

Daren and the Tapir

As if it was an episode of Nickelodeon’s “Go Diego Go”, Daren Lamb, a tour guide of Chaa Creek, member of the CTGA and past board member, was driving along the Burrell Boom road and came across a Tapir. Daren, as he was alone in his van could have stopped and slowly approached the mountain cow. He could have snapped a few pictures and also noticed that the reason he could have gotten so close was because the tapir may be blind on his right eye. Daren had a nostalgic reminder of why he became a tour guide and how much he loves his job. On a conversation with Daren we spoke about previous encounters and the time he came across a jaguar in the wild. We certainly share that experience as I also once saw a jaguar out in the wild when I was leaving the site of Caracol around 2:00pm in the afternoon. Funny thing is that I had my camera on my hand, and was astonished at its beauty I had totally forgot to snap the picture. Continue Reading